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In June of 1986, John Benton began our agency in a Prudential office, located in Green Brook, NJ. From the start, his mission has been to serve his clients diligently. In 1993, the agency moved to Edison, NJ and in 2002, changed its name to New Providence Financial. From its humble beginnings, the agency has grown from a solo practice, to a partnership, to a Limited Liability Company (LLC), with five financial advisors and four support staff. Our team is a tight knit group that works very closely with our clientele and we are focused on driving clients through a discovery process for strategic financial, retirement and protection planning. The agency offers a full line of insurance and financial products and services with which to implement desired tactics. Our team excels in large part due to the breadth of our varied backgrounds and experience base.

John’s wife and business partner, Nina Benton, focuses on fee-based financial planning, but also provides product advice where appropriate. Nina began her career in the financial services industry in 1997 and has extensive experience and training in the field of financial planning, consistently receiving top scores by Prudential Financial Planning Plan Quality Review for plan quality. Her clients benefit from the breadth of her knowledge and care in dealing with sensitive matters, such as achieving desired goals. Nina, influenced by her first career as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, specializes in working with medical professionals.

John and Nina’s two daughters, Emily and Sara, have both joined Chartered Financial Services.  Emily joined in January of 2011, and Sara joined two years later in January of 2013. They are both financial advisors and Emily manages the firm's Property and Casualty team, writes new business, and provides service to their existing clients. 

After an alliance with Chartered Financial Services in 2015, Rudi Floyd and his Associate Producer, George Vornehm, joined our firm.  This alliance has proved to be incredibly strategic and significant to the growth and success of our firm.  By assuming the Chartered Financial Services name and practice, we have strengthened the business by achieving critical mass within a new premium financial sector.

Cindy Gorny is the agency's Customer Service Associate. She began her career with Prudential in September of 1981 and joined Chartered Financial Services in 2000. During her tenure, Cindy has performed nearly every administrative function in the agency. Her knowledge and length of service have made her an invaluable asset to us and to our clients. She currently works as a marketing assistant as well as our receptionist. She handles customer service requests diligently for Automobile, Homeowner, Umbrella and Life Insurance and provides quotes for Automobile, Homeowner and Umbrella Insurance. Since September 2017 she has had Jessica Barreiro assisting her with the same responsibilities as well as with handling all website and social media projects.

Janki Patel joined Chartered Financial Services in April of 2017. She began as a Customer Service Associate and later moved on to obtaining her Property & Casualty license which lead her to writing new business for some time. She is now working towards furthering her education and becoming more familiar with what her duties consist of on a daily basis as she works closely with Nina’s clients, services existing client policies and coordinates our educational seminars.

Lauren Franco, Amber Chapman, and Alonza Bray are all Property and Casualty Associates at our firm.  As well as writing new business, the team provides service to their existing clients.

Missy Cotter joined Chartered Financial Services in 2010. She works closely with Nina’s clients, services existing client policies and coordinates our educational seminars. Missy has also been in the financial services industry since 1983 and has held a wide variety of positions including Managing Director of the Corporate Client Group for the Nasdaq Stock Market, Field Supervisor for the National Association of Securities Dealers (now FINRA) and Compliance Specialist with MONY Financial Services